Thermal pool covers made of GeoBubble material.

Are you looking for an efficient and personalized way to maintain your pool in the best possible conditions? We have the perfect solution for you! Our thermal pool covers are the ideal choice for saving resources and ensuring that your pool water is in optimal conditions.

Best of all, we offer you the opportunity to create your own custom pool cover, tailored to the specific characteristics and measurements of your pool. This means that you will receive a cover that is fully adapted to your pool, so all you need to do is place it and enjoy your pool in optimal conditions.

If you’ve ever considered covering your pool during the swimming season to increase the water temperature, double-bubble thermal covers with GeoBubble technology are the most efficient option. GeoBubble uses an innovative bubble type with a scientifically designed contour, increasing the lifespan of thermal covers by up to 25%.

Unlike other thermal covers, GeoBubble has a design without sharp edges that could result in thin or fragile points. Additionally, the smooth and interconnected curves of the bubbles eliminate any points of tension, and the material is 50% thicker than traditional bubble wrap at its thinnest point, providing increased resistance against UV radiation and chemical damage.

Don’t waste any more time and money maintaining your pool! Get a custom thermal pool cover with GeoBubble technology and enjoy your pool in the best possible conditions.

Our custom-made models

Characteristics of our GeoBubble® material.

Absorbs the sun energy

Prevents the growth of algae

Retains the heat

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