Heat pumps and electric heaters are both effective methods for heating swimming pools


When it comes to heating pool water, heat pumps are the best option as they are the most efficient system and can lead to significant cost savings. By combining a heat pump with a pool cover, you can easily achieve your desired water temperature and extend your swimming season.

The operation of a heat pump is quite simple. It captures calories from the outside air and accumulates them naturally in the environment. The pump then uses a straightforward process to transfer that heat to the water in your pool. Due to its high efficiency, a heat pump can return up to 5 kW of heat to the pool for every 1 kW of energy consumed by the compressor.

One of the main benefits of a pool heat pump is that it can extend your swimming season by several months or even year-round, depending on the COP of the heat pump. On average, a heat pump can increase the water temperature by 10-15°C. Initially, it may take 3-5 days to reach your desired temperature, and during that time, it’s important to run the filtration system continuously for uninterrupted operation.

Another significant benefit of using a heat pump is its cost savings. It’s an eco-friendly option that uses renewable energy sources, and can save you up to 80% in running costs when compared to traditional electric heaters.


Fairland ComfortLine INVERTER

Experience Ultimate Comfort with Fairland Comfort Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Fairland Comfort Inverter Pool Heat Pump is an advanced solution that utilizes an inverter compressor. It can adjust the heating capacity intelligently from 20% to 100% according to the varying heating demands. During the high heating demand season, the compressor and fan speed operate at 100% for quick heating. While maintaining the pool temperature, the Comfortline Inverter Heat Pump operates at a low speed to save energy with a higher COP (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

The spiral titanium heat exchanger amplifies the heat exchange surface by 30%, while the HP-Booster technology allows 20% higher COP than the on/off pool heat pumps available in the market. The Saginomiya 4-way valve provides fast defrosting for seamless performance.

With a 2-year general warranty and 5-year warranty on the compressor and heat exchanger, you can rest assured that the product is backed by the best guarantees.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective

Comfortline Inverter Pool Heat Pump has an average COP of 9 (Air 26 ℃ / Water 26 ℃ / Humidity 80%). This means that 1 kW of electricity consumption can provide up to 9 kW of heat in return. On the other hand, the on/off pool heat pump can only provide 5 kW of heat as its COP is around 5.

Ultra-Quiet Operation

Experience a serene pool environment with the Comfortline Inverter Pool Heat Pump as it operates seven times quieter than conventional pool heat pumps. The DC-inverter compressor, slow-speed compressor operation philosophy, and fan motor make it possible to operate at a super quiet 7dB (A) lower sound pressure level at a 50% average capacity.


The Fairland Inverter-plus heat pump is powered by the exclusive Full-Inverter® technology.

Introducing the highest average COP in the pool heat pump industry!

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your pool’s energy consumption and high costs? Say hello to Full-inverter® HP, with the highest average COP of 11.5 at 50% capacity and COP 16 at 20% capacity – certified by TÜV Rheinland. The COP is a measure of the heating capacity of a heat pump compared to its energy consumption, and with Full-inverter® HP, you’ll save up to double the amount of energy compared to traditional on/off heat pumps.

With Full-inverter® HP, you’ll experience a quick heat-up period of just 5 days to achieve your desired pool temperature. Afterward, it maintains the temperature with a remarkable COP of 11.5 for the next 175 days, consuming less energy and giving you peace of mind.

Not only that, but Full-inverter® HP operates at a low noise level, ten times quieter than a traditional on/off heat pump, providing you and your neighborhood with a peaceful swimming environment.

The Full-inverter® HP also boasts a touch controller, allowing you to control the pump’s speed and pool temperature effortlessly. Powered by a Mitsubishi DC rotary inverter compressor and a brushless DC fan motor, it operates efficiently and silently.

Thanks to Fairland’s patented HP-BOOSTER technology, Full-inverter® HP provides an even more significant performance boost. It offers precise and flexible gas flow adjustments, resulting in a 20% higher COP than traditional on/off pumps.

Experience the highest average COP, the quietest operation, and the most advanced technology with Full-inverter® HP. Made with premium aluminum alloy housing, with hidden screws and an elegant appearance, it’s also built to last a lifetime.


The heat pump features a BOOSTER function that provides heating performance 20% higher than its labeled capacity. With just one button, you can quickly warm up your pool.

In addition, the heat pump offers significant cost savings, with a COP of up to 15.8 and an average COP of 10.6 (at 26°C air temperature, 26°C water temperature, and 80% humidity). This translates to a running cost that is half that of other heat pumps.

Moreover, the heat pump is designed to operate at low noise levels, with an average noise level that is 6 times quieter than conventional pumps. Thanks to its double rotation DC inverter compressor or unique ventilation system, the swimming environment is more relaxed, especially when the pool temperature is kept at an average of 50% of its capacity.

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