The FAIRLAND COMFORT LINE INVERTER heat pump offers you the possibility of extending the use of the pool even throughout the year. It is characterized by better efficiency and higher energy class than most other heat pumps. 
These heat pumps use the innovative Full-Inverter technology to keep the water temperature constant, keeping energy consumption low and operating at low noise levels.

The Comfortline Inverter COP pool heat pump is 9 at air 26 ° C / water 26 ° C / humidity 80%, which means that 1kW of electricity can provide up to 9kW of heat in return. While On / Off, HP can only provide 5 kW of heat, since its COP is about 5.


Fairland Inverter-plus HP is powered by exclusive Full-inverter® technology.

This Inverter is powered by the Full-inverter® compressor and Full-inverter® fan motor, which adjust the compressor speed hertz to hertz and the fan speed turn by turn. A high inverter
Quality is primarily designed for low speed operation leading to maximum COP, minimum noise and long life.

Based on average performance, a Full-inverter® HP gives you half the operating cost and 10 times quieter in a swimming environment. When the season starts, the Full-inverter® HP works with 100% capacity to heat the pool in the first days. After that, the Fullinverter®.


BOOSTER function

Heating performance 20% higher than its labeled capacity. One button for quick warm-up.

HALF Running cost
COP up to 15.8, average COP is 10.6
(Air 26 ° C / Water 26 ° C / Humidity 80%)
Half cost savings

AVERAGE 6 times quieter when the pool temperature is kept at an AVERAGE of 50% of its capacity, the swimming environment is more relaxed thanks to the double rotation DC inverter compressor or its unique ventilation system

Heating for swimming pools with heat pump or electric heater

The heat pumps are the best option when heating pool water since it is the most efficient system and with which you will achieve greater savings, combined with any model of  cover for pool you will heat the water in your pool to the desired temperature, this being one of the best ways to get a nice way to heat the water. 

How a pool heat pump works:

The operation of a heat pump is very simple, which makes the heat pump is to capture the calories from the outside air and accumulate them naturally in the environment, then restitutes them through a simple process to the water of the pool, Due to its high efficiency, the pump returns for each 1 kW consumed by the 5 kW compressor to the pool.

Benefits of the pool heat pump:


The main benefit of the heat pump is that with it the bathing season can be extended a few months or the whole year depending on the COP of the heat pump, the pump can make us increase the temperature of the water from 10º to 15º, As a general rule, the first time it is put into operation, it usually takes 3 to 5 days to reach the desired temperature, during the first days the filtration must be in operation 24 hours uninterrupted while the temperature rise lasts, the surprising thing about the bomba de calor is that 4/5 that renewable energy. A heat pump can save you up to 80% in running costs.


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