Water treatment for swimming pools, salt electrolysis equipment and dosing.

Why use water treatment equipment:

As a general rule, pools are treated with different chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, algaecides or pH regulating products, the vast majority of these products are toxic and dangerous to health, and should be more careful when there are children or elderly people already that a wrong dosage can cause irreversible damage.

The chemicals that are added to the pool as a general rule usually carry conservative products, chloramines dissolve with water and soon disappear, but these products remain in the water for longer and accumulate harming health. The relationship of high amounts of chloramines with some types of cancer is also being investigated.

Fortunately, today there are different systems to treat your pool with natural disinfectants that are totally innocuous and harmless to health.

The advantages of using water treatment equipment:

  1. Cleaner and disinfected pools.
  2. Healthier water
  3. More crystalline water and with better conditions
  4. Water that is odorless, tasteless, harmless, does not irritate eyes or skin or is harmful. (Ideal for allergy sufferers)
  5. Reduction in the maintenance of the pool.
  6. Cost savings as it stops using chlorine and other products.

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